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Dasin Machinery Co., Ltd. is a Horizental Shaking Machine supplier and manufacturer since 2010. Commercial juicers, shaking machines, tapioca forming machines, commercial sliders and powder dispensers for your beverage and drink.

Certified, patented and professional OEM manufacturing, each beverage and drink machinery is sold with collected experiences, which is durable and high performce.

Dasin has been offering customers high-quality beverage and drink commercial machines, both with advanced technology and 40 years of experience, Dasin ensures each demands are met.

Horizental Shaking Machine


Shaking Machine designed by DASIN with quiet but strong motor, which makes it easier and faster to shake creamer powder and fructose well. Commercial and durable design, stable while shaking, easy and fast to put on or take down shakers, available for both 500cc and 700cc shakers.

Machine with elegant appearance designed by professional is also small and space saving. Increase quality of teashop by operating in front of customers.

New-type patent, longer lifetime, convenient to use, 5 buttons for different shaking time and speed. Except for beverage stores, many Chemical, Medical and Drugs Factories or Laboratories are also using Customized Shaking Machines with customized shaking arms. Patents holder of various countries, secure and guaranteed.

DASIN machines are all commercial or factory machines with high durability, famous in Taiwan teashop franchise or juice factories, which could also be sold to the whole world, please contact us if you are interested.

Dasin Machinery Co. Ltd. is a professional manufacturer for food machinery with over 40 years of production experience and a few years of exportation experience. All of our products are made in Taiwan and ISO-9001 Certified. We are seeking for agents and distributors from all over the world. We also provide service of OEM & ODM. Please contact us if you have any requests for food machinery!


Stable structure. No need to fasten.
New motor with a lower sound and a higher speed. Shake creamer or fructose fast and well.
Unique design of shaking arm. Easy and convenient to put on or take down shakers.
Elegant appearance. Suitable for tea shop and restaurant use.
Time and speed both adjustable. Five shortcut buttons.
Patented product, counterfeit not allowed.


  • HP: 75W Gear Motor
  • Size: 33 x 25 x 33cm
  • Weight: 19.8kg
  • Carton size: 40 x 33 x 42cm
  • Gross weight: 21kg
  • Suitable: Shaker
  • Certification: CE, FCC
  • Patent: Patents from various countries


Automatic Horizontal Shaker Machine,Commercial Shaking Machine For Bubble Tea,Shaker Machine For Laboratory And Medical Use


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